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Airline resumes flights to Italy (but turns around when airport's shut)

26 May 2020 10:22

We're all pretty excited about being able to travel again -- but German airline Eurowings might be more eager than most.

I was trapped naked on a German fire escape

25 May 2020 11:28

It's 10 years ago. I'm on a road trip to Germany with my then boyfriend.

India reopens domestic air travel with precautions

25 May 2020 06:18

Guidelines and safety measures are in place as India allows airlines to resume some domestic flights, two months after the country banned air travel. But safety concerns remain as India still battles Covid-19, with new infections reported daily. CNN's Vedika Sud reports.

This is now the world's busiest airport... on certain Saturdays

23 May 2020 08:23

Alaska's Anchorage International Airport lacks the waterfalls and razzmatazz of Singapore Changi or the eight runways of Chicago O'Hare.

Here's how Covid-19 could change the way we fly

22 May 2020 18:13

As the world slowly eases its way out of the Covid-19 lockdown, we're on the verge of a new era in air travel.

How beer delivery saved this Seattle pizza chain

22 May 2020 15:06

Zeeks Pizza is keeping the great American tradition of pizza and beer alive, while also saving its business during the pandemic.

Still the world's busiest airport

22 May 2020 14:09

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport was still the busiest passenger airport in the world in 2019. But the pandemic is hitting global air traffic hard in 2020.

The Arctic explorers locked down in a tiny hut in Norway's Svalbard archipelago

22 May 2020 10:17

When Hilde Falun Strom and Sunniva Sorby began a long-planned expedition in the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard last September, their main goal was to encourage conversation around climate change in the polar regions.

The CNN Travel quiz: Who, what, why, when and where in the world?

22 May 2020 09:36

We all know that travel broadens the mind. Thanks to that place on the seafront that sells delicious gelato, it has a tendency to broaden other body parts too.

Yankee Stadium will play host to a drive-in festival this summer in New York City

21 May 2020 17:28

Call it a comeback. The pandemic has revived the classic American tradition of the drive-in as a safe way to stay entertained without potentially spreading coronavirus. One hospitality group based in New York, the epicenter of the virus in the United States, decided to do just that in a parking lot of the famous Yankee Stadium.

Greece to reopen to tourists on June 15

21 May 2020 11:29

Greece has brought forward its planned reopening to tourists to June 15 as pressure mounts on European destinations to roll back coronavirus restrictions to stave off economic collapse.

Europe promises to reopen for summer tourism in wake of coronavirus

21 May 2020 11:01

The world's biggest tourist playground has been roped off since it became a coronavirus epicenter, but as summer looms Europe is desperate to lift restrictions to get visitors pumping much needed cash into stricken economies.

See what iconic French tourist sites look like now

21 May 2020 10:25

The coronavirus pandemic has crippled France's tourism industry. In response, the government has launched an ambitious bailout to try save the industry. CNN's Cyril Vanier reports.

This Tokyo pub has a machine that sprays customers with disinfectant as they enter

20 May 2020 12:13

As businesses around the world adopt new practices due to coronavirus, one Japanese pub is taking a novel approach to customer safety.

Sent home in stitches: 20 years ago, a motorbike accident put an end to my Thailand adventures

20 May 2020 02:46

Every time I read a news story about a young traveler in hospital in Thailand struggling to get home following a horrible motorbike accident, my stomach twists into a knot.

Seychelles bans cruise ships through 2021 to prevent Covid-19 spread

19 May 2020 02:15

The Seychelles is taking the bold step of banning all cruise ship tourism through the end of 2021 as a measure to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus.

Another coronavirus record-breaker: World's shortest airline routes

18 May 2020 15:08

The coronavirus pandemic has been the most financially disastrous force in the century-old history of commercial air travel.

An endangered pygmy hippo was born at the San Diego Zoo, the first in over 30 years

18 May 2020 11:04

Pygmy hippos are an endangered species, but in April, one was born at the San Diego Zoo. It was the zoo's first successful pygmy hippo birth in more than 30 years.

New York tourist is arrested in Hawaii after posting beach pictures on Instagram

17 May 2020 04:07

A tourist from New York was arrested in Hawaii after he posted beach pictures on Instagram when he was supposed to be in quarantine.

Deserted Venice contemplates a future without tourist hordes after Covid-19

16 May 2020 08:48

A few days before Italy is set to lift restrictions across much of the country after being locked down since March 10, the streets of Venice are starting to spring back to life.

Is this the future of international travel with Covid-19?

15 May 2020 20:13

A location-tracking wristband, mandatory testing upon arrival, one-time hotel entry key cards. CNN's Will Ripley shows us Hong Kong's new strict protocols for travelers arriving from abroad.

Life after lockdown in Vietnam: This is what it's like when an entire country reopens

15 May 2020 11:00

As the faint smell of smoke rose up from the sidewalk and into my bedroom, I jumped up and stepped out onto the balcony to survey the Hanoi streets.

In a town of two nations, Belgian bars are shuttered. Dutch pubs will soon be open across the street

15 May 2020 10:54

Like so many small business owners, Monic van der Krogt has been hit hard by the coronavirus. The terrace of her cafe and beer garden in this small Belgian town sits empty.

My friends bailed on our vacation, and it was the best trip of my life

15 May 2020 05:07

Sara hated the idea of leaving her boyfriend. Katie got a summer job. Maria didn't think she could afford it after all.

Las Vegas airport provides PPE vending machines for passengers

15 May 2020 00:05

Running out of PPE products? If you're in Las Vegas and planning to fly, the airport could provide a very clean and sanitized getaway.

The safest vacation? Your own private island

14 May 2020 09:34

While nearly all leisure travel remains paused because of the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for private islands is on the rise.

Diners at this reopening restaurant can get social with dressed up mannequins

14 May 2020 07:37

When a three Michelin-star restaurant in Virginia opens its doors back up from the Covid-19 pandemic, reservations will be made for mannequins.

How expensive will air travel be after the Covid-19 crisis?

14 May 2020 03:35

When the state of Florida began enacting stay-at-home measures and closing beaches in mid-March, in response to the threat of Covid-19, Miami-based real estate agent and artist Nadia Bouzid was in the middle of painting a mural inside a new hotel in Cancun, Mexico.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, which airlines are flying where and why?

13 May 2020 09:12

Billions around the world are staying home, confined to their neighborhoods by the coronavirus pandemic.

Confessions of a VIP private jet flight attendant

23 Dec 2019 11:54

For many, the thought of catching a plane is far from luxurious: from spending countless hours lining up at security, to wrestling arm rests with other passengers as you face a crammed long-haul flight in economy.

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